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Project KPH is a Charitable Trust and is registered with the Charities Commission

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Welcome ...

Project KPH is a Registered Charitable Trust which enables young people living with terminal illness, disease, disability, and/or other special conditions to experience the rewards of realising their talents and dreams through unique projects that fit their passion and interests.

The project is aimed at young people aged between 7 – 17 years. Project KPH provides a safe, positive, and encouraging environment for them to nurture and develop their natural abilities by getting up close and personal with the cream of New Zealand's talent to build a bank of sustainable skills and resources.

A bit of history ...

The project is the vision of an ordinary Kiwi, Leah Evans, who is inspired by personal experiences. She grew up with a first cousin who has Rett Syndrome (a neurodevelopmental disorder), and had a friend in her late teens whose sister lived with severe Epilepsy. The catalyst for Leah's action was witnessing a young man with a disability being bullied by a group of teenagers at a Motorsport event years ago. The incident never sat right with her and at age twenty nine she decided to take action. She came up with a concept that saw her combine her love of motor racing with her passion for people. The result is Project KPH.

Established in October 2007, two "rev heads" with Cerebral Palsy were taken to Pukekohe for Round One of the NZV8 championship competition. From there over 100 young people have participated in the historically motorsport orientated events across New Zealand, with two hosted on a once in a lifetime trip to Bathurst in October 2009.

Today ...

In 2011 Project KPH, has acted on its big picture vision of expanding and spreading the KPH effect across other areas of activities for kiwi youths with all types of interests and talents. Whether it's sport or the arts, the project aims to deliver disadvantaged kiwi youths an opportunity to realise and nurture existing interests and talents in their unique context. The aim is to deliver disadvantaged kiwi kids a special once in a lifetime experience that will help manifest sustainable personal growth.

"Project KPH is about standing up for what I believe in. It's about giving these gorgeous young people, who through no fault of their own, are less advantaged than most - the opportunity to feel valued, and to develop and manifest sustainable skills and a real sense of achievement, and a massive boost to their self esteem – to give them an opportunity to really shine and realise they can.

"It's both a privilege and an honour to help another human being feel such a sense of trust and self worth. For me, seeing it realised through Project KPH is compelling".

Leah Evans, Founder

Do you have what it takes?

Extreme Survivor Scooter 2012

The toughest scooter challenge in the world?

Scooter Survivor 2011

Open to anyone with a car license, Survivor Scooter 2012 involves a team of entrants attempting to ride 50cc scooters across the top of the South Island using some of the toughest (and most spectacular) roads and 4wd tracks.

The route is designed to be tough and the aim is to make it to the end in one piece. It will also provide an opportunity for entrants to shine, both as individuals and as a self-sufficient group by 'pitching in' to help each other in order to achieve a common goal.

  • Challenge yourself both physically and mentally
  • Test your self-sufficiency skills (Be a MacGyver)
  • See parts of New Zealand many never get to see
  • Take part in daily challenges including 2012 Scooter Olympics
  • Be part of a like minded team & make some amazing friendships

Departing from Nelson, November 21 - 24 2012
Numbers strictly limited. See:
or Ph Jason on 03 543 8208 for more details

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